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About us

Our vision

People free from loneliness.

Our mission

We raise awareness of loneliness as a significant issue in the community and address gaps in services to foster a greater sense of connection and wellbeing for individuals and communities.

Our Guiding Principles

We focus on prevention as an overarching principle.

  1. We embrace diversity and leverage our different strengths for a greater good
  2. We are respectful to everyone
  3. We are committed to what we do
  4. We aim to facilitate greater connections for individuals and communities
  5. We seek to collaborate rather than isolate, and lead by example

Our Values


  • Always exhibit a vehement desire to pursue our mission
  • Our conduct is perceived by others as exuding energy and passion


  • Compassionate in our style and demeanour
  • Being thoughtful about the difficulties of others
  • Open-minded, understanding and willing to learn
  • Listen first, talk second


  • Strive for a brighter and less lonely future
  • Seek resolutions for every roadblock or obstacle
  • We are bound by our belief that we can make a positive difference


  • Respectful to one another and value positive teamwork
  • Take responsibility individually and collectively
  • We carry out agreed evidence-based actions

Our co-founders


patricia lauria

Patricia Lauria

Co-founder & CEO

Patricia is a co-founder of Friends for Good and is passionate about breaking down the stigma that surrounds this major health problem.

She has worked as a leader in grassroots community organisations for many years, aiming to bring about social change. Patricia has a BA in Social Sciences and a Graduate Diploma in Human Rights.

laura rouhan

Laura Rouhan


Laura is passionate, energetic and engaged in community development work with a rights based approach. As a co-founder of Friends for Good, she strives to make positive contributions to help build a world that looks more like the world she wants to live in.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development and is currently studying a Master of Human Rights.


quote marks

Loneliness is a battle.

It’s a battle for those experiencing it, for researchers to know more about it and for service providers to reach those feeling its effects.

This battle is hampered by the shroud of stigma – people either don’t want to talk about it or have no safe place to do so.

Friends for Good is an organisation joining the fight against loneliness. Are you with us?"

sign patricia grey

— Patricia Lauria, Co-founder & CEO

Please help us free people from loneliness.


Our board


For a full list of our Board members, please contact us.

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Founding member of The Friendship Alliance

A network of individuals and organisations who are working to increase awareness about loneliness and social isolation in Australia.

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