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We know that it's bad for our health, but:

What is loneliness exactly?


As a volunteer driven not-for-profit, Friends for Good aims to provide services that will have a wide reaching impact in freeing people from the causes and effects of loneliness in our communities.

But first we need to define what loneliness actually is.


We asked the community to tell us what they thought:


Having nobody to talk to or share experiences with.

Not having someone to confide in.

Not finding a connection with people, places or things.

I feel lonely when I scroll through social media sometimes.

Feeling like I have nobody around and no support from others.

It’s the small things that make me feel lonely.

It means I miss my friends and having a partner.

No one understands me.

Isolated, stressful, overwhelming.

Feeling alone even with many people around.

Not being connected to people.



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