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Friends for Good was proud to host the third national conference in the The Australian Loneliness Dialogue series that took place in May 2022.

The conference was held on 17 May 2022 via online stream. The event explored the impacts of loneliness for different age groups, specific cohorts and intersectionality- how loneliness impacts people at the intersection of marginalised groups. Our keynote speaker at the event was Cormac Russell who presented from Dublin.

One of the key themes that emerged throughout the conference was that with loneliness and overall wellbeing, we need diverse and personalised approaches. Cormac Russell told the conference that we must focus on the assets that communities have:

"If our senses can become sharper there is a hidden treasure chest in our neighbourhoods. What is needed is to shift the conversation from what’s wrong to what’s strong."


Loneliness Across the Generations


Tuesday 17 May 2022




Community – The Vital Source of Connection That Improves All Relationships

I’m Stranded – Exploring Mental Health and Loneliness with Young People

Panel Discussion

Workshop: Loneliness in the Workplace

Workshop: Wellbeing and Prevention in the Mental Health Field

International Research Into Loneliness

Mindfulness and Meditation

Keynote Address

Speakers & Workshop Facilitators

Cormac Russell (Nurture Development)
Stephanie Power (Council on the Ageing Qld)
Dr Barbara Barbosa Neves (Monash University)
Dr Leah Sharman (University of Queensland)
Nick Tebbey (Relationships Australia)
Luke Walsh (Headspace)
Phoebe McKenna-Plumley (Queens University, Belfast)
Luqmaan Waqar (King’s College, London)
Marlee Bower (University of Sydney)
Dan Ball (By Mind Side)
Dr. Stephen Carbone (Prevention United)

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