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In July 2020, the second The Australian Loneliness Dialogue conference was hosted online via video link.

The conference moved to an online format due to the devastating effect of the Victorian bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic.

It was an excellent opportunity to discuss issues, latest research and interventions related to loneliness particularly with a focus on rural and regional Australia. It was attended by metro, regional, rural and international delegates who got a chance to ask anything of our speakers.

A big thanks to our sponsors for your support to host this event, all of our speakers and video link facilitators for your time, effort and involvement. Thanks to our Friends for Good volunteers who have worked hard to ensure the conference was a success despite the challenging circumstances.

tald speakers darius

Keynote Address

Darius Devas

tald speakers marlee

Loneliness and Homelessness

Marlee Bower

tald speakers ryan

Friendship in Times of Transition

Ryan Hubbard

tald speakers marieke

Loneliness and Volunteering in Rural Areas

Marieke Dam

tald speakers lauren

Income and High Rates of Loneliness

Lauren Brooker

tald speakers eddie

'My Story'

Elisa (Eddie) Nsanzimana

tald speakers amanda

Connecting Women Through an Emergencies Network

Amanda Lamont

tald speakers madison

tald speakers madison

Urban and Rural Loneliness during COVID-19

Dr. Robert Patulney & Madison Van Beek

tald speakers kirsten

tald speakers zoe

Measuring Social Isolation and Increasing Inclusion

Kirsten George & Zoe Barnett

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