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In November 2018, Friends for Good were proud to present the first national conference on loneliness in Australia: The Australian Loneliness Dialogue.

The aim of the conference was to work together to understand loneliness in our communities, raise the profile of this issue and to develop recommendations for actions required by government, policy makers and practitioners.

A big thanks to our sponsors for your support to host this event, all of our speakers, presenters and workshop facilitators for your time, effort and involvement. Thanks to our Friends for Good volunteers who have worked hard to ensure the conference was a success and finally to all delegates who have attended our inaugural national conference and joined the fight against loneliness.



Following the conference, Friends for Good were overwhelmed by interest and support from delegates, media and many other people from around the country who are interested in what came from the day and to join the fight against loneliness.

As a result, FriendLine has gone national, the national network The Friendship Alliance has been formed and a new event has been scheduled for2019.

For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact us.

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Breaking Down the Stigma of a Hidden Suffering


9.30am – 4.30pm
Tuesday 13th November 2018


Marriott Hotel
Corner Exhibition Street and Lonsdale Streets
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Speakers, Presenters & Workshop Facilitators

Susan Alberti AC
Ryan Hubbard
Robin Parkin
Dr Michael Cowling
Dr Robert Vanderburg
Matiu Bush
Assoc. Prof Shanton Chang
Laura Rouhan
Joe Ball


Workshop A: Modern Friendships
Workshop B: Technology
Workshop C: Seniors
Workshop D: International Students

Download the 2018 Conference Program


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