Many studies have now found a link between loneliness and poorer health outcomes.

Here's what we are doing about it:


Education & Awareness

In order to break down the stigma surrounding loneliness, we have undertaken dialogues and campaigns to increase awareness about the detrimental effects of loneliness and strategies to deal with it.

Launch date:

2 & 3 APR 2020


The Australian Loneliness Dialogue 2020

Our next national conference has been announced.

Friends for Good, in partnership with the Centre for Participation, invites not for profit organisations, government, researchers, students and all those interested in a dialogue about loneliness, whether from Australia or internationally, to submit abstracts or expressions of interest for involvement in this upcoming national conference.

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Launch date:

13 MAY 2019


Innovation: Initiatives to Alleviate Loneliness Symposium

Discovery, discussion and contribution to initiatives tackling loneliness right now.

This symposium was a chance for academics, not-for-profits, governments and businesses to be inspired, get connected and stay up-to-date with organisations that are addressing the needs of all people suffering from or affected by loneliness in our communities.

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Launch date:

13 NOV 2018

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The Australian Loneliness Dialogue 2018

The first national conference on loneliness in Australia.

Friends for Good was proud to present our first national conference, The Australian Loneliness Dialogue: Breaking Down the Stigma of a Hidden Suffering.

The aim of the conference was to work together to understand loneliness in our communities, raise the profile of this issue and to develop recommendations for actions required by government, policy makers and practitioners.

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Launch date:

13 AUG 2016

Loneliness Awareness

An online campaign to provide a space for people to talk about loneliness.

With little known about loneliness and a stigma to overcome, Friends for Good aims to raise awareness of the causes and effects of loneliness in the community.

We have started the conversation on social media to identify loneliness as the enormous problem that it is.

Please join the conversation on our Facebook page or blog and discover ways to help yourself or others overcome loneliness.

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Service Provision

There are many gaps in current service provision. People are telling us they are lonely.

We are constantly planning new services and events to free people from loneliness at a grassroots level. Once launched, our services are listed below.

Launch date:

20 JUN 2019

FriendLine Chat

FriendLine Chat is now available for those unable to call or need to reconnect online.

The FriendLine chat service is active during the day and is available via the website.

Visit our new webpage to connect with our friendly volunteers for a casual and anonymous chat about anything and everything.

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Launch date:

17 DEC 2018


Community lunches

Sharing a meal and a chat in St Albans.

These events are a great way to bring communities together and foster friendships.

Friends for Good have hosted a regular community lunch program in St Albans, a suburb in Melbourne’s west, which is the second most disadvantaged suburb in metropolitan Melbourne.

Please note: This initiative is now closed.

Launch date:

17 APR 2018

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FriendLine is a national support line ready for a cuppa and a conversation.

FriendLine is now available 5 days a week for anyone who needs to reconnect or just wants a chat.

Visit our new webpage to connect with our friendly volunteers for a casual and anonymous chat about anything and everything.

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This is an area where Australia has much work to do.

We need to know what the prevalence of loneliness is in our country and how it relates to a whole range of issues, so that we can inform policy and future planning.

Launch date:

25 SEP 2019


Loneliness in Australia

Australia’s first representative survey using a loneliness scale.

This report found that an estimated 3 million Australian’s are currently experiencing high levels of loneliness.

Other key findings include:

  • Loneliness does not discriminate. It affects both men and women, people of all ages, those in cities, regional and rural areas

  • Higher income earners are less likely to experience loneliness

  • Money is a barrier to making social connections

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Launch date:

11 JUN 2019


A national campaign to help learn more about loneliness.

TimeWeTalked was a campaign set up to help learn more about loneliness by answering a completely anonymous survey and to provide a space for people to talk about their experiences.

With the help of the community, we were able to gather vital information about loneliness from over 1,700 responses which helped us launch new initiatives to fight loneliness.

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