Angela Lim

We’re all a little lonely.


When the sun is setting, and the air is cold

And we wish we had somebody to hold

And we have stories to share but no one to tell

And we can’t remember when we were last doing well.


When the land ahead is just grass and wild rye

And we have no neighbours to greet as we’re walking on by

And the nearest market is thirty miles far

And we’re all by ourselves wherever we are.


When the city is bustling, and the traffic is slow

And we want to get moving but we have nowhere to go

And we’ve lost sight of our friends by trailing behind

And we’re looking for something we can’t seem to find.


When we get up in the morning with a stretch and a yawn

There is something in us that keeps marching on

We have courage and hope, and we do understand

Even when things aren’t great, we do what we can.


When this loneliness is all you have known

Take comfort in knowing you are not truly alone

There are many out there who feel like you do

I know this for a fact, because I feel it too.


Written by Angela Lim