ffg vday

Lisa Merrett

This will be my first Valentine's Day as a single person.

It's not the single part that worries me, it's how I am actually going to feel on the day that concerns me. Being the proactive person that I am, I have decided to plan the day to minimise my feelings of loneliness.

This is what I will do:

  1. Media – I will NOT be sucked into the media hype of Valentine's Day. It is perfectly fine to not have a partner.
  2. Exercise – I am planning to go on a nice long run to release all my happy hormones.
  3. Triggers – No romantic movies for me. I am going to avoid anything that may trigger feelings of loneliness.
  4. Animals – I will borrow my next door neighbour's beautiful dog to join me on my run. There's nothing like the company of animals – a proven means to increasing feelings of joy.
  5. Food – I will only eat foods that are good for my headspace. I will avoid foods that I know will make me feel irritable and low.
  6. Meet-up – I have taken the plunge  to meet with a group of single ladies who will collectively celebrate who we are.

So that will be my Valentine's Day. Whenever I am feeling alone from now on I will look back at my list and take a few pointers to get me through the day.

Sending lots of love from Friends for Good this V Day!