dog xmas

Emma Stringer

Here are some tips to battle loneliness over the holidays:

  1. Healthy habits: make sure to keep your diet healthy, maintain a healthy sleep routine and get plenty of exercise.
  2. Plan your alone time: fill up your day with activities that you enjoy (e.g. read a book, complete a jigsaw puzzle or try a mindfulness meditation exercise.
  3. Avoid comparisons with others: we naturally make comparisons between ourselves and others. However, these comparisons can leave s feel down or lonely.
  4. Make plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve:
    • Attend a community event- many councils and charities run Christmas day and New Year’s Eve event that anyone can attend.
    • Invite someone over for the day- chances are there are others that feel lonely too
    • Volunteer at your local charity
  5. Start conversations: say “hello” or wish your neighbours a “Merry Christmas.” Interacting and receiving smiles from others can help boost your mood.
  6. Spend time with your animal friends: go for a walk or give them their own Christmas themed fashion parade. Everyone loves a cute pet picture.
  7. Contact Friend line (1800 4 CHATS): the service will continue running over the holiday season.