Friends for Good

Australia was already facing challenges associated with many people experiencing loneliness and it is expected that this will increase due to the need for greater isolation in the efforts to combat COVID-19.

“Our recent research into Loneliness In Australia shows that almost 3 million Australians are experiencing high levels of loneliness. With the social isolation that will be experienced by many people due to COVID-19, who usually have strong social connections, we expect to see this number grow and this is very concerning” said CEO of Friends for Good Patricia Lauria.

The other big impact that is looming is that we now know that increased loneliness is related to lower incomes. “High income earners are significantly less lonely than those on low incomes and this doesn’t bode well if there are changes in the economy or loss of jobs” said Patricia.

Friends for Good calls loneliness the hidden suffering of the modern age and encourages people in the community to seek help if they need to, rather than keep their loneliness a secret. “Many people who usually move between work, social activities and home will now face unprecedented challenges in trying to stay socially connected – we welcome calls to Friend Line if anyone would like to call” Patricia said.