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The Friendship Alliance

Friends for Good is proud to be a founding member of the Friendship Alliance who has released the following press release:

A total of 10 community grants have been awarded to local community groups in the lead up to International Day of Friendship on 30 July, to celebrate the spirit of this important day.

If you lived in Uruguay, or many other countries in the world, you would be likely to greet others on the street and wish them a happy Friends Day when it came around. You might even exchange gifts or send a message to a friend you hadn’t spoken to in a while.

In Australia, the Friendship Alliance, a group of people from Australian organisations who are passionate about working on the issues of loneliness and social isolation, would like to see that happening in our country.

“This is a great opportunity for us to put the spotlight on something positive at a time when so many people are in need of friendship and happiness in the midst of lockdowns and social isolation,” said Alliance representative Joe Sehee.

The Friendship Alliance Australia has awarded ten grants to community organisations across Australia to create events that celebrate the spirit of the International Day of Friendship on 30 July.

“Grass roots community groups from different parts of Australia will be involving their local communities in a whole range of activities – there will be music, performances, food and fun to celebrate the friends we have as well as the opportunity to make new ones,” said Patricia Lauria, a founding member of the Alliance.

Established in 2011 by the United Nations, the International Day of Friendship celebrates friendship between peoples, countries, cultures, and individuals to inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

During this month, connect with us to find out more about the 10 organisations and how they are creating new friendships, connections and inspiring peace and acceptance in their communities.

A full list of the organisations is available via the Friendship Alliance website.